The Clock Drill (for Kids)

The clock drill one of the best drills for practicing making short putts, but I’ve found that it can also be a bit punitive and less fun to do for junior golfers. We’ve made a few modifications to this time-tested classic to make it more enjoyable while applying enough pressure to make it translate to […]

Sub 70 Iron Comparison

Sub 70s in the bag

On a related, but non-junior golf topic, I’ve been looking at how to fix the distance loss I seem to be experiencing as I get older. While I’ve been working on my swing, after playing with my Callaway X-Tour’s for the past 16+ years (wow), I thought it might be worth also examining my equipment. […]

Putting Distance Control Training for Junior Golfers

Putting practice

Whether it’s a junior golf tournament or a casual round, scores are made or broken by putting ability; when it comes to tournaments for younger players, the question is really who can 3-putt the least. Your junior golfer needs distance control – mastering the skill of lag putting so that, at worst, they can 2-putt […]

Maintaining A Positive Attitude With Your Junior Golfer On The Course

As a parent, I think one of the biggest challenges you’ll face is helping your junior golfer manage their attitude on the golf course. With a positive attitude, golf is a whole lot of fun; without it, golf can be a pretty miserable experience. Like everything else in golf (and life), maintaining a positive attitude […]

Building Junior Golf Clubs

I made a huge mistake – I bought the wrong size golf clubs. Henry’s Christmas gift was a brand new set of U.S. Kids Golf Clubs UL-54, and, given he was 51″ with shoes on, I figured he would quickly “grow into it” and he could just grip down as he grew into his clubs. […]

Motivating Your Kid to Play Golf

Starting a new sport is never easy, but golf can be especially tough. It takes a tremendous amount of coordination and technique to successfully launch a golf ball into the air. The short game requires a degree of “touch” that can only be obtained by lots of practice. Needless to say, kids who are naturally […]

Buying Your First Set of (REAL) Junior Clubs

There isn’t much better than the excitement of your junior golfer getting a new golf club. The desire to want to immediately go use the club and practice is one of the best feelings you can have as a golf parent, and as you can imagine, a pretty amazing feeling for your junior golfer as […]